The following are common Microsoft Windows network commands. ipconfig Ipconfig is a Console Command which can be issued to the Command Line Interpreter (or command prompt) to display the network settings currently assigned to any or all network adapters in the machine.

View Signal Strength Percentage of Wireless Network Connections in Command Prompt. 1 Open a command prompt. 2 Copy and paste the command below into the command prompt, and press Enter. (see screenshot below) netsh wlan show interfaces. 3 You will now see the Signal strength percentage of your wireless network connections. Steps to Check active network connections in Windows | by May 06, 2019 How to use a netstat command in Windows to watch open ports First, just open a command prompt window and type: netstat -an The -a parameter lists all the computer’s connections and listening ports, while the -n parameter displays addresses and port The “cmd” command to show the all the connected machines

List all Computers on Network in Command Prompt

Using Windows Command Prompt to Test Internet Connection

This command can be used from windows command prompt also to open network connection window. Ncpa.cpl command works in all Windows versions: XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Server 2003 and Server 2008.. If you are interested to know how to disable network connections from command prompt, see this post – How to disable Wifi connection from command prompt

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