SwitchVPN is a newcomer in the VPN business. The parent company CS Systems is an Indian technology company. But sometime between 2015 and now, the VPN brand SwitchVPN moved its headquarters and registration to the American soil. So, SwitchVPN is a US-based provider, for better or worse.

SwitchVPN offers a comprehensive Virtual Private Network application designed with you and your online freedom in mind. Experience simple sign up and login, lightening-fast connection, instant Enter your VPN login credentials which you received in your email or you can also view it from "My Subscription" page from customer portal. Now, below is your primary window which you will use to connect to VPN, To connect to VPN, click on the green power button to establish the connection. Choose your Plan With our 30-day money back guarantee. Categories Download Switch VPN for Windows, To Keep the Internet Free.

Jul 06, 2020

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Dec 13, 2019 · SwitchVPN offers state-of-the-art super-fast VPN services that guarantee anonymity, reliability and security of your Internet connection, using 2048-bit strong encryption. This app, with access to advanced high-speed servers, 1Gbps backbone network and support for the highly secure OpenVPN protocol, comes at a very affordable price. By virtue of not storing traffic logs, we are able to protect SwitchVPN for iPhone & iPad. SwitchVPN for Android. (opens in a new tab) ×