I have installed Ubuntu 16.04.02 a couple of minutes ago. When I want to update my system: $ sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade Ubuntu does not update itself.

In case you are not on Ubuntu server i.e. with no GUI. You can follow the following steps:-Go to Software and updates. Select Ubuntu Software. Select the sources you want to have. Click on Close. It will ask you for reloading and updating cache. Click Reload. Wait and relax; It will automatically create the sources.list … Ubuntu Manpage: sources.list - List of configured APT data Provided by: apt_1.8.0_amd64 NAME sources.list - List of configured APT data sources DESCRIPTION The source list /etc/apt/sources.list and the files contained in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ are designed to support any number of active sources and a variety of source media. The files list one source per line (one-line style) or contain multiline stanzas defining one or more sources per stanza Sample etc apt sources list file for Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial Default Ubuntu Sources List - This is a sample /etc/apt/sources.list file for the Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial. If your apt sources list file is broken, Then replace with following. Config Server Firewall Ubuntu Server - for scale out workloads | Ubuntu Scale out with Ubuntu Server. Ubuntu Server brings economic and technical scalability to your datacentre, public or private. Whether you want to deploy an OpenStack cloud, a Kubernetes cluster or a 50,000-node render farm, Ubuntu Server delivers the best value scale-out performance available.

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How do i get a sources.list for ubuntu 18.04? : linux4noobs This should open your existing sources.list for editing. If there truly is no file to edit, then I suppose you can create it yourself though it's a bit concerning it didn't get created automatically at install. Here's a default sources.list from my Kubuntu VM. Should be fine for a regular Ubuntu … Index of /releases/16.04.5 - Ubuntu The server install image allows you to install Ubuntu permanently on a computer for use as a server. It will not install a graphical user interface. There are two images available, each for a …

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Restore your Sources List to Defaults in Ubuntu - TuxGarage Jan 27, 2011 How to Add/Remove PPA Repositories in Ubuntu Whenever you want to install a software package to your Ubuntu system, you first refer to the official Ubuntu repository listed in your system’s sources.list file. If the software is not available there, you can install it through any PPA repository it is available on. PPA repositories are unofficial repositories of those software packages How to install the Caddy site, service, and app server on