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I receive an 'authentication failure' message. What can I There may be a network restriction blocking access to our authentication server. You may have to try a different network. Try logging out from the IVPN App, then logging back in. This will refresh the account status. The logout button is available at the bottom of the IVPN App's 'Settings' area on mobile devices. Windows Authentication behaves oddly when VPN'd The VPN software prompts for credentials which queries against Active Directory to ensure username/password are correct and the user has rights to logon via VPN. But a successful authentication only establishes a connection to the network. Access to network resources relies on the authentication you provided to the workstation when you logged on.

Windows Authentication w/ Cisco VPN client vs. Windows VPN

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When you have enabled the requirement for users to use Google Authenticator multi-factor authentication, but this user has not yet completed the Google Authenticator enrollment process on the client web service of the Access Server, then the Access Server will not allow the user to establish a VPN tunnel connection and warns the user about this

The user DomainName\UserName connected from IP address but failed an authentication attempt due to the following reason: The remote connection was denied because the user name and password combination you provided is not recognized, or the selected authentication protocol is not permitted on the remote access server. Okta MFA for VPNs typically supports integrations through RADIUS (Option A) or SAML (Option B). To secure remote access to your organization’s resources, Okta Adaptive MFA allows for out-of-the-box integrations with a variety of popular VPNs and supports a broad array of factors, seamless end-user enrollment, and a robust policy framework to simplify identity assurance for remote network access.