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If you tunnel TCP over TCP, the congestion controls of each will interfere with each other. Hence one generally prefers to tunnel TCP over UDP (or some other stateless protocol). See TechRepublic article: Understanding TCP Over TCP: Effects of TCP Tunneling on End-to-End Throughput and Latency. How to Use SSH Tunneling to Access Restricted Servers and Jul 12, 2017 Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol - WikiMili, The Best Wikipedia Jun 18, 2020 How to Detect ICMP Tunneling

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Sep 26, 2018 What Is DNS Tunneling? - Palo Alto Networks DNS tunneling is one such attack. How DNS Tunneling Works. DNS tunneling exploits the DNS protocol to tunnel malware and other data through a client-server model. The attacker registers a domain, such as The domain’s name server points to the attacker’s server, where a tunneling malware program is installed.

The TCP tunneling has even better quality, but it doesn’t tolerate too much packet loss so good than UDP does. The HTTP tunneling has between 5% and 35% overhead and needs more server side resources (but it is needed only from behind corporate firewalls when the only single route is via the local http proxy).

How I hacked into a Telecom Network — Part 2 (Playing with Jul 11, 2020 Learn how easy is to bypass firewalls using DNS tunneling Checklist before you start — What you need: A domain that you can configure. Godaddy allows this … applet - Tunnel any kind of TCP traffic through HTTP/s I am looking for a software to tunnel RDP or other binary TCP traffic through a HTTPS tunnel. Because many clients only have HTTP/S permitted (only port 80 and 443 open in the firewall). But there