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Dec 27, 2019 How To Get Cisco VPN to Work on Windows 8 - Next of Windows Reason 442: Failed to enable Virtual Adapter . Normally if this happens on Windows 7 computer that would be probably because the Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) service was on. But in this case on Windows 8, the ICS was disabled. Cisco Systems VPN Adapter for 64-bit Windows” to “Cisco Systems VPN Adapter for 64-bit Windows Cisco VPN Client Not Connect- Reason 442: Failed to enable Jan 15, 2018

Feb 23, 2015

Configure AnyConnect Virtual Private Network (VPN - Cisco The Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client is a software application for connecting to a VPN that works on various operating systems and hardware configurations. This software application makes it possible for remote resources of another network become accessible as if the user is directly connected to his network, but in a secure way. Cisco VPN Client inside a virtual machine | [H]ard|Forum

Jun 28, 2013

Cisco VPN Client & Windows 8 (32bit & 64bit) - Reason 442 With the introduction of Windows 8, Cisco VPN users are faced with a problem – the Cisco VPN software installs correctly but fails to connect to any remote VPN network. Windows 7 32bit & 64bit users dealing with the same problem can refer to our Troubleshooting Cisco VPN Client - How To Fix Reason 442: Failed to Enable Virtual Adapter article.