IP Address Tracker - Exposing scam artists who use Craigslist

Track classified ads (posts) is easy and fast using ClickMeter. You can monitor views (impressions), clicks (hits) and conversions (leads) of most classified networks. With ClickMeter you can easily track and compare all your ads in one place, understand which ad is working and why. All data are collected and available in real time. I Want To Find Out Who Posted A Fake Ad About Me On Craigslist Jul 01, 2013 Finding the IP of a craigslist poster who threatened me Feb 25, 2013 IP addresses trackers- how do they work? - Lead Forensics

Jul 01, 2013

Instead of tracking by IP address, you can track by a computer ID. TraceMyIP.org also provides you the tools to control delivery of website content, protect contact forms and other documents on a geo location level, control file and document downloads and schedule specific pages to be shown at specific times or to specific visitors. Aug 22, 2010 · Copied from the top of a GetRichQuick ad on Craigslist: "For that person who has flagged me, please know that I own a program that monitors all ip addresses that flag my posts. If you feel that you need to flag me, I will know your IP address and post it all over Craigslist and locate you with whatsmyip or some other site. PLEASE DON’T TRY ME!"

Under IP Address tracking in the lower navigation pane, click By User Name. Type a host name next to Search. Type a start and end date next to and DHCP lease events between these dates. Click Search. For example, a search by user name can reveal when the domain Administrator account was used on …

Maybe I'm being paranoid. Either way, NO ONE gets my zip regardless of stalking or not lol I'm having a hard time tracing their IP address since the email went through Craigslist's anonymous emailing system. The only IP address I have traces back to San Fran, where Craigslist's headquarters is.