Feb 28, 2012 · Can you see someones activity log on Facebook if they have a timeline? I wanted to see if there is any way to see my friends activity logs on Facebook since some of them have updated to timeline and I like to join in on their conversations since I don't always get around to checking my news feed.

Find out if someone's logging in to your Facebook account Find out if someone's logging in to your Facebook account. If you've noticed some suspicious activity on your Facebook account--messages you never sent, Wall posts you never published, or Your searches on Facebook to show up in activity log - CNET Facebook is rolling out the additional activity tracking in the next few weeks. Facebook was quick to remind users that the activity log is for your eyes only -- your friends don't get to see the log. Instagram’s Following Activity Tab Is Going Away Oct 07, 2019 5 hidden Facebook tricks you need to start using - Komando.com

How can I see who is checking into my Facebook page

Sep 21, 2012 · facebook activity log. You can also manually share any Bing searches you've performed to Facebook so friends can comment on them. The Facebook update will roll out over the next few weeks, the The program produced thousands of log files relating to the online and offline activity data of Facebook users that gave him their permission to be tested. By using a data visualation tool, Hogue then graphed the log files to present exactly when an individual Facebook user is active throughout the day. Bottom Line. how to check someone’s activity on Facebook So, now we reach at the end of this article I hope you get something from this article. And this is all about How to Check if Someone is Login in your Facebook account in 2019. Oct 30, 2013 · Even if you check Facebook daily, you may not have picked up on a few of the social network's less well-known features. Here are 10 of the best Facebook features you've been missing out on.

There`s no way for you to see some other people`s activity log on his/her facebook profile. The only thing that you can see is your own activity log.The reason why your friends activity log is not visible on you is because it is made that way. Even if you and that person are friends you will not see the activity log button on his/her profile page. Activity log contains all the activity that

Jan 03, 2018 · To review these photos, the best way is to check your Activity Log on the desktop version of Facebook. (To access your Activity Log, just click the “View Activity Log” button located on the Feb 29, 2016 · Using the software to check Facebook's database on user activity every ten minutes, he created graphics depicting his friends' sleep patterns, and discovered some broad trends, as well. Apr 18, 2014 · 2. Facebook tracks your locations When you turn on Nearby Friends, you also turn on Facebook Location History. Facebook uses this information to build a database of the places you've been -- even when you're not using the app. Facebook will add your locations to the Location History section of your activity log, but only you will be able to see