Dec 02, 2019

Authentication when integrated with Squid Web Proxy Cache Depending on the authentication method selected, Squid Web Proxy Cache can obtain user identification and send it to Websense Filtering Service along with an Internet request. Filtering Service can filter requests based on policies assigned to individual directory objects, defined … ConfigExamples/Intercept/IptablesPolicyRoute - Squid Web When Squid is in a DMZ between the router and Internet NOTE: this special configuration is only necessary if the Squid box is not the normal gateway for the router. If you make the Squid box the default gateway and pass all traffic through it out of the router then these rules are not necessary.

How to add DNS filtering to your NAT instance with Squid

Hi. I think I have tinkered enough with pfs+squid+filter+SSL and know the pain that you are going in through ;-).1st, if you will just be using blanket filtering - meaning no different filtering policy per individual or group, it's best not to use squid+squidguard at all but rather enable blacklist category in pfblockerng-devel and use the shalla list which may be the same list that you will Sep 24, 2007 · squid is a high-performance proxy caching server for web clients, supporting FTP, gopher, and HTTP data objects. Unlike traditional caching software, squid handles all requests in a single, non-blocking, I/O-driven process. /var/log/squid/ log file directory. The logs are a valuable source of information about Squid workloads and performance. SquidGuard is a URL redirector used to use blacklists with the proxysoftware Squid. There are two big advantages to squidguard: it is fast and it is free. SquidGuard is published under GNU Public License. Current version: 1.3 Features: Included configurable logging. Progress bar when compiling blacklists.

The Perfect Server - Ubuntu 18.04 (Nginx, MySQL, PHP

For *BSD-based systems with IP filter configure Squid with the --enable-ipf-transparent option. If you're using OpenBSD's PF configure Squid with --enable-pf-transparent . Do a make clean if you previously configured without that option, or the correct settings may not be present. HTTP/HTTPS traffic is routed to the proxy/filter container, which filters the content. Passed traffic is routed back to the firewall/router. The firewall/router forwards the request back to the internet. Prerequisites. The files in this repository; A blacklist database. A list can be found here. The Docker Engine installed Open General Settings tab in squidGuard package GUI, found at Services > Proxy Filter. Check Blacklist to enable the use of blacklists. Enter blacklist URL in the field Blacklist URL. If the firewall is itself behind a proxy, enter the proxy information in Blacklist proxy (this step is not necessary for most people). Click Save.